“It’s still MAGIC

even if you know

HOW it’s done.”

― Terry Pratchett


Both the issue

and the solution

are in you

Tools for self healing


You have a power to heal your body and your mind.

Befriend your mind and work together.

Liberate yourself from the past.

With ready to use powerful audio recordings it is easier than you could ever imagine.

Work with me



Individual sessions

Group programs

Online workshops

Simple and effective protocols allow us to get straight to the root cause of the issue. And resolve it with laser precision.


Learn with me



Basic protocols training.

Full Sanomentology training

Help others to heal

Mind Mediation and Interactive Lucis Dream are easy to use, yet extremely powerful tools. Now you can learn and practice them with me.

Transform with me


 12 weeks program.

Overcome autosabotage.

Resolve any blockage you may experiance.

Even when you don’t know where to start.

Your subconscious mind knows exactly what you need to do. And I know how to ask for their help.


Choose your option:

• Get your access to Heals Like Magic – self healing club for open minded people

Ready to use audio recordings, tutorials how to use them, Q&A sessions, Facebook support group

• Schedule individual sessions and programs

Resolve your issues in fast and effective way. Even if you don’t know where to start. Even if no other therapy helped for real.

• Become a Sanomentologist and enjoy mutual pro bono sessions among the team.

Yes, this is real. Joining the full Sanomentology program means unlimited mutual sessions with other team menbers. Forever.

We heal ourselves first before we start serving our clients.